Winterize Your Hair Pt.2 – Protective Styling

My bun in a clip P-style

Protective styling (P-styling as I lovingly call it) is all about protecting your ends. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and thus, are the most fragile part. Being a prime candidate for splitting and breaking off, they require the most TLC if you want to be successful in retaining length.

My new LFW (lace-front wig)

Good ol’ Nature, such as sunlight, wind, extreme temperatures (hot or cold) can contribute tremendously to split ends and breakage. These elements in conjunction with our own manipulation (combing/brushing), the rubbing of our hair against clothing, or our hair simply getting caught in our purse/backpack straps, seatbelts or jewelry, can magnify the damage considerably. One way to help protect those ends (in addition to moisturizing/conditioning) is to put it up. This is called protective styling.

Some examples of protective styling are updos, weaves, braids, and the all classic bun. These styles virtually block exposure to nature’s elements by keeping those precious ends from drying, splitting and breaking off. Check out the pics below for visual examples of some P-stlyes.
A simple bun
Another Updo

At the top of this blog is a pic of me wearing one of my favorite p-styles (because it’s quick and simple). Don’t be dismayed, I do not care to wear my hair up all the time. As a matter of fact, you can mostly catch me in a twist out, bun-out, straight or water waves. I love to wear my hair down! BUT I do exercise common sense even moreso in the winter because of the harsh conditions. I don’t want excessive damage by the time my friend spring comes around, so I increase my p-styling during the winter months.

P-styling is useful year round! Check out this article for more information and tips on the benefits of protective styling!

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